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League of Elements

Are you a fan of match 3 and RPG games? Would you like to play a mobile game which offers the thrilling game play of both game types? If yes, you are in for a treat. Introducing the all new Match 3: Element Saga RPG 2020 which is here to take you on a crazy ride full of battles, magic spells, curses, rewards and whatnot!

Try it now!

– Build your team

Choose your hero collect the hero card to make the most of this idle fun gaming mania. Smash the cube and pop the elements to experience the true rush of blood in your veins. The game allows you to be a guest of customization so you can pick your own royale players according to your mind preferences, enter the battlefield and pop the candy elements endlessly.

– Fight your rivals

Show your power and valor to your rivals by focusing on match puzzle and winning the game. Redeem royal hero cards so you can fight your rivals and upgrade your team by adding new heroes or purchasing new powers. Defeat your rivals in as few moves as possible.

– Unlock new heroes

With this game, the possibilities of customization and thrill are endless. As a unique game, it offers you an array of more superheroes which you can only see when you win the levels. Unlock heroes and prepare to unleash your power on to the rivals.

– Rule the realm

Build your power and rule the realm by possessing the strongest team of players out there. Invite friends for a multiplayer gaming mode in which you can play against international pros. Collect cards and use them to unlock power boosts so you can rule the realm fairly.

How to play Match 3: Element Saga RPG 2020:

• Download and launch the app

• Pick your team players and customize your team

• Choose a level and fight duels with your competitors

• Match 3 kinds of gems to clear the levels and win

• Build your special power by collecting rewards

• Enter multiplayer mode to play with your friends and family

Features of Match 3: Element Saga RPG 2020:

• Simple and easy UI/UX

• Hassle-free game play controls and responsive app design

• More than 16 different heroes waiting to be discovered

• Unlock 4 different classes to collect 16 heroes

• Customize your team by choosing heroes of your liking

• Build your superpower by fighting duels with opposing teams

• Collect unique rewards and use hero cards to upgrade heroes

• Use rewards to unlock power boosts for a more thrilling game play

• Simple quests filled with lots of challenges and excitement

• Tons of magic spells, spectacular battle scenes and impressive design elements

• Thrilling and action-provoking background music and sound effects

• Multiplayer mode is available to help you fight teams from across the world

Are you ready to go on a challenging match 3 quest?

Redeem your realm by fighting with your customized team of heroes and build your power every day.

Download and play Match 3: Element Saga RPG 2020 today!