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Math Ranger

Have fun with our educational game. Train your brain with this Math Ranger. Perfect for adults and kids to practice or improve their mathematical skills.


Choose from four different modes and three levels ranging from beginner to expert. Race with the clock and get bonus points while learning common core operations on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


• Learn basic math operations- Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
• 20 questions in a row
• 3 difficulty levels for each mode
• Warm-up your mind with the beginner level and train ahead with an advanced one
• Randomly generated questions
• A race against the time to solve questions
• Get points on completing the levels
• Get extra bonus points when you click on the video after finishing each game
• Offers rewards from time to time to increase points (just play an ad to collect reward)
• Check your stats in terms of accuracy, time and score in all modes and track your performance
• Cool and easy interface to play with
• Power-ups to add few seconds to your time with points
• Option to reset your game
• Exit from the game at any time
• Play with simple sound effect
Take your mental math skills to the next level.
“Prioritise the fun, and the learning will come”