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Appvocado Gaming

Appvocado Gaming is a game development studio & publisher running 2 years. We aim to deliver fun casual game delight our players daily life. With 8 years of mobile game distribution experience, we also distribute and market mobile games. We have helped 30+ indie developers and gaming studios with mobile game marketing services. Focus yourself in developing amazing games, leave the rest to the experts.

Latest from us

Element Saga RPG Trailer
Appvocado Gaming

Match 3: Element Saga RPG 2020

Are you a fan of match 3 and RPG games? Would you like to play a mobile game which offers the thrilling game play of both game types? If yes, you are in for a treat. Introducing the all new Match 3: Element Saga RPG 2020 which is here to take you on a crazy ride full of battles, magic spells, curses, rewards and whatnot!

• Fancy UI/UX

• Hassle-free game play controls and responsive app design

• More than 16 different heroes waiting to be discovered

• Unlock 4 different classes to collect 16 heroes

• Customize your team by choosing heroes of your liking

• Build your superpower by fighting duels with opposing teams

• Collect unique rewards and use hero cards to upgrade heroes

• Use rewards to unlock power boosts for a more thrilling game play

• Simple quests filled with lots of challenges and excitement

• Tons of magic spells, spectacular battle scenes and impressive design elements

• Thrilling and action-provoking background music and sound effects

• Multiplayer mode is available to help you fight teams from across the world



Support from us

Our publishing and distribution team will give you a free session of product profitability evaluation, guiding you through the UI, game design, art work and technique part to achieve the best outcome of your game.

Having question regarding your game releasing? We can help with that. We will gradually release your game and identify the potential issues at the early stages. With little tweak, the game will be ready to release globally.

Once the game is released globally, we are going to conduct necessary marketing tests with real players. As soon as the game pass marketing test, we are going to put 110% effort into the marketing and monetisation process.

Ongoing assistance will be conducted to all our games. No matter big or small, we provide full support cycles to all iterations of our games. Sit back and enjoy our life-time supports for the games.